ImageDo you ever feel like taking a blogging retreat at a different blog, perhaps at an older one, in order to vacation from another?  It has been some months since I have written on Faerie Boots and Foie Gras, having been immersed in (the wonderful adventures of) doll blogland over at Bonne Nuit Designs, and by golly, I miss it.

Last night, I dug through the clutter to find the dusty old key to the front door of FB&FG, stepped inside, threw open the windows to the virtual sunshine and breezes, and fell asleep among the blog’s fresh linens and lovely white bed curtains, dreaming of the wonderful stories of Francine and Rose, the beautiful flowers, and cooking smells to be found here.

I have been away, and while challenged by the difficulties of a mismatched work environment, illness, the goofiness of the world, car accident recovery, and joblessness, I immersed myself in art making, hoping to make some new sustainable connection with the economic world, and find some refuge from the cold hard realities that had let themselves into my world, uninvited.

The results manifested as beautiful photography, wonderful, soulful characters created by hand from cloth, clay, and papier mache, two beautiful little self-published books, a new blog, some delightful sales, lovely new blogging and doll-making friends, and a dream-come-true holiday window display of my work in a storefront downtown at Christmastime.

But, as with most things when focused on nearly exclusively, such immersion into one main activity can cause one to become a bit lopsided.  And so it was, with a slight lean off-center, that I began to leave the studio more frequently and find my way back to the kitchen where simmering pots of vanilla-honey rhubarb sauce and oven-baked anise butter cookies announced my contented presence.  I also found myself pulling weeds at the feet of spring garden blooms and shoving my nose into their petals and stamens at every chance, and a dying computer aided my withdrawal from the business of art and back into the art of finding balance.  I began to tip back upright.

It was with such rejuvenations that I began to think about this ol’ blog and how it was a collection of recordings of a more well-rounded self and an easier relationship with art making. While visiting here these last couple of days, I feel as though I’m on vacation; like I’ve kicked off my shoes and curled up on the comfiest couch, sipping iced tea while my cares and concerns flutter off with the warm summer breezes coming through the windows.  It’s like being at the Maine cabin where my Sweetie and I love to relax and not feel pulled in one direction or another to meet some external demand placed upon us, but rather get to enjoy more of the things that really matter to us.


So what am I saying about art making?  Or about blogging and Bonne Nuit Designs?  Will I blog here?  Will I blog there?  Will I blog at all, or choose instead to linger in life’s pleasant tangible realities, like braising farmers market fingerling potatoes, rediscovering the art of writing letters by hand, and making papier mache projects simply because I like to or only to sell at craft shows?  Not everything in life can or should be defined as one or the other.  And if there is a decision to be made about my future activities, I am not ready to make it,

What I can say is that I felt compelled to write here tonight, to be in this environment, and to reclaim a delightful sensation of coming home to a broader view of my own self.  I plan to vacation here for a while, and rediscover the many wonderful things to be found here, perhaps with some new blog postings to boot.

As I sat today to begin work on a custom doll order for a lovely friend, cutting out skin fabric the color of chocolate, I delighted in being connected to doll making as an activity mingled in with kitchen activities, book reading, and life housekeeping needing attending to.  Everything in moderation, they say, which is what I find here at FB&FG.

Thank you for reading this post.  Please check back again for signs of possible new activity.

Good night from here…



I write from the cozy room that we call “The Library”, surrounded by Christmas lights and marshmallow snow outside the windows.   Being on holiday, following Thanksgiving, it seemed a good time to stop by Faerie Boots and Foie Gras (since moving to a new blog) to leave perhaps one final message here, of thanks.     

Thank you to everyone who has visited and/or continues to visit Faerie Boots and Foie Gras.  It’s been delightful to have your company while Bonne Nuit Designs (art dolls, puppets, and miniature worlds) was being born. : )

We (the dolls and puppets and I) are settling in well at our new blog Bonne Nuit Designs.  I love the new layout especially.

The doll and puppet work is going well.  We’re getting ready for a holiday time exhibition and filling the shop with treasures for the holiday shopping season.  I hope shoppers will find something there that would delight you or someone you love.

I’m glad to have the new blog as a place to share and continue on the magic of this heartfelt work.  I will continue to post wintertime fantasies, magical stories, enchanting photography, peeks at new work/works in progress,  upcoming Bonne Nuit Designs events, and other treats that might make your visits there inspiring! 

Wishing you a magical holiday season and happy new year, from me, Rose, Francine, and all here at Bonne Nuit Designs!

Thank you!


Luckily, this move involves no boxes or suitcases of carrying heavy items up flights of stairs!   Bonne Nuit Designs now has its own website, and I’m going with it~ and you can come, too!  The art doll puppets and book dioramas are taking on a life of their own, and this blog is becoming too small to contain their extraordinary magic and sweet dream enhancing capacities!  So I’ll be blogging from there.

Francine has posted the invitation to our Open House, so do come on by and have a look around~ And please sign our guestbook : ) (Leave a comment) 

You can still visit Faerie Boots and Foie Gras whenever you like!  It’s doors will still be open (at least for now), so come back and visit the posts and pages of what will someday be a vintage virtual scrapbook of Bonne Nuit Designs’ beginnings!


Oh, about A Fanciful Twist’s Halloween blog party this weekend~You can still get to it!  Just visit my new blog at www.bonnenuitdesigns.com   to view my festive post.  (www.bonnenuitdesigns.blogspot.com works, too, as the blog address change is in transition.)  Then, look for the clickable poster (above) image in my sidebar to get to A Fanciful Twist’s list of other fun blog party participants.  (I had a blast visiting many creative sites during the Mad Tea (blog) Party in the spring!) 

So, it’s not really goodbye, but hello to a new place~ A place for us to visit.  A magical place.  A place full of delightful things to inspire the stuff that sweet dreams are made of…

Won’t you join me?

(Moon and flower frame images courtesy of The Graphics Fairy.)

The stage on the theatre shelf is abuzz this morning! 

Looks like the doll puppets are gearing up for a day of dress rehearsals!

 Doesn’t Bonne Nuit Designs look good up “in lights”?!

 They’re waiting for their director, I suppose.

Would love to see the show!

(My brilliant Sweetie made me the beautiful theatre shelf.  He’s great at building sets : )

I have been working on several new projects.  And I must admit that as thrilled as I am to be participating in Vanessa’s magical Halloween blog party over at A Fanciful Twist with Rose on the 22nd, and while everyone is wishing for more warm Indian summer weather, I’m secretly dreaming of magical snowy wintertime fantasies…

~Of sparkly snow

and faerie tale woodlands 

under deep blue starry nights,

and feathery dancers in satin shoes

and caramel tuille

performing arabesques

in suitcase theatres.

Magical puppetry…

Meet Sabine

Sabine is an art doll puppet in progress, as is her magical suitcase theatre.  She is SUCH a delight to manipulate by her strings—especially to soft, wintery music!

She will still get some finishing touches, as will the suitcase, before they are sold together on Etsy…

if I can bear to part with them!

There is a new book diorama under way, too.  I’ll post pictures of that soon : )

(Marvelous Bonne Nuit Designs studio clock from my Sweetie!)

I think that when it’s time soon, for bedtime slumber and cloudlike comforter,

I will have wonderful imaginings

for inviting sweet dreams!

Bonne Nuit!

Mermaids, seahorses, and other interested parties may contact Rose Genevieve Wedding and Event Design for information about ordering…

Francine and Rose arrived at the little island beach while the tide was out.  They were delighted to find that the exposed rocks were covered with gorgeous seaweed.

Rose was very happy here.

She and Francine spent the day studying tidal pools and collecting sea treasures, and Francine photographed the colorful things they saw.

They lingered for a time, in the relaxing atmosphere of the island.

“I like how quiet it is here,” said Rose.